The TOBI® Drive Systeme

The system consists of the drive tool (bit) and the screw head drive with an enlarged usable contact area, axial alignment between screw and tool, and a holding function for the firm grip of the screw head by the bit. Minimise tool wear and tear, take advantage of the system’s versatility and test it yourself.


Holding the screw

A firm grip of the screw by the bit is a priority when screw positions are in inaccessible locations or in the case of overhead installation. Handling is eased significantly with the outstanding TOBI® holding function.


Axial alignment

The 100% axial alignment of the screw tool with the screw axis enables optimum torque transmission and reliable locating of the screw hole, preventing the screw from wobbling. Down times for automated screw driving are also eliminated.


Larger contact area

The larger the contact area for the screw tool to transfer the torque to the screw head, the less the pressure and tensions within the tool, and the less the wear and tear. Compared to a TX bit, TOBI® offers a ten times larger contact area.


Less wear and tear

The desired longevity of screw tools is the product of the following parameters: axial alignment, structural design of the contact area between the bit and screw, tool quality and handling errors during installation. Thanks to the use of the TOBI® DRIVE SYSTEM, all parameters relevant to wear and tear have been significantly improved.

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